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There are several nuances that distinguish Batch Photo Watermarker from similar software adding watermarks. There are several nuances that distinguish Batch Photo Watermarker from similar software adding watermarks. It may be convenient to create and save a watermark template (text, fonts, effects, position) and use it every time you need to process new photos. Besides, the entire EXIF information is preserved. You can use diagonal lines crossing the image to protect your photos. These lines can be half transparent not to spoil the impression the photo produces, but they ensure 100% protection - it is barely possible to remove these watermarks without time-consuming and serious processing of each image. It guarantees your copyright protection. With Batch Photo Watermarker, you can use complex watermarks in the .png format with text, images, shadows and transparency: just convert your logo to the .png format and add it to all photos. The author of the program also guarantees that the quality of the image will not be affected when you add a watermark, only the part where you add the watermark is changed. Besides adding watermarks for copyright protection, you can create an annotation for a group of photos to make it more interesting to view them or add dates to make it easier to catalog them. A separate individual date can be added to each photo (the date of shooting from EXIF). One more feature allows the program to be distinguished from other software - the program can automatically scale the watermark text depending on the image size keeping the specified proportion. These features make Batch Photo Watermarker a convenient tool for any photographer or designer.

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